Green Princess Nursery  is not just a seedling company. It is also a social enterprise. For farmers, Miao merchants are their allies, not enemies. With this philosophy in mind, we provide the following services in addition to seed sales:

Agricultural planning counseling, specific seedling cultivation, agricultural marketing counseling, government planning application counseling, and cultural and creative product development.


Mainly using tissue culture technology to produce healthy seedlings for farmers to use,
In the future, farmers can reduce the amount of pesticides used.
There is great protection for food safety.

Some seedlings that are being promoted, such as vanilla,
Green Princess Nursery will assist the farmers who cooperate,
Then go to the farmer’s site to carry out planning of the park and planting counseling at the back end.

If the peasants have specially cultivated seedlings,
Green Princess Nursery can assist farmers in applying tissue culture techniques.
Reproduce seedlings in large quantities and ensure that seedlings do not flow out

Many farmers’ agricultural products lack good packaging and sales plans.
If farmers need it, we can provide ideas.
Counseling farmers how to help agricultural products do marketing.
And quality monitoring and 251 pesticide residue testing before shipment to ensure food safety.

The COA has a lot of subsidies for agriculture.
However, the average peasant has no way to write it in words.
We can help farmers complete these plans.
Help farmers apply for funds.

We can help organize the development of plant-based organizations to cultivate cultural and creative goods.